Summer dreaming…

While we freeze in the clutches of the polar vortex, let’s  reminisce to the good old days of summer with our own Dr. Faley, who contributed his expertise to Fox2 News on summer footwear. Dr. Joshua Faley on Fox 2 News Detroit Fox 2 News Headlines

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MFAC docs leading the way

Drs. Kaczander, Galea and Faley were part of the prestigious faculty for the Great Lakes Conference, sponsored by the Michigan Podiartric Medical Association, at The Henry Hotel in Dearborn February 6th-9th.  Lecturing before 200 fellow podiatric surgeons (including Dr. Mehler), Dr. Kaczander moderated the surgical portion of the meeting and lectured on Lapidus / Opening Wedge bunionectomies and Satterfield-Jolly surgical procedures.  Dr. Galea was part of the PAD (peripheral arterial disease) portion of the meeting and lectured alongside vascular surgeons and cardiologists on lower extremity arterial anatomy, physiology and pathology.  Dr. Faley spoke on evidence based treatment for the treatment of non-union osseous healing.

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