Pediatric Foot Problems

Your physicians at the Michigan Foot and Ankle Center treat patients of all ages…yes that includes kids! Conditions that affect the growing foot include a variety of skin problems, including: warts fungus and eczema to name a few Ingrown nails, often caused by improper nail care, along with flat feet and in toeing are seen on a daily basis at the Michigan Foot and Ankle Center.  Sports related injuries, either trauma induced, or shoe induced are successfully treated within our offices as well. If any condition requires surgical care…we’ve got you covered there as well… So, if the kids or grand kids are having any foot or ankle problems…you know where to bring them!  

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Teens and Foot Health

Most teenagers recognize the importance of regularly caring for their teeth, skin, eyes, and bodies (exercise), but few know to care for their feet. Yet, foot health plays an important role in their overall health and wellness. Teens should be aware that foot pain of any kind is not normal. Whether they are dealing with blisters, athlete’s foot, or ingrown toenails, caring for feet at an early age reduces the risk of complications later. Following are some easy steps to maintain healthy feet: Wash your feet daily with soap and water. It’s tempting to just swish your feet around in the shower, but it’s important to use soap to remove germs and grime. Don’t forget to wash in between your…

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