Our Doctors in The Commmunity

Drs Kaczander, Galea and Faley, since December 2015, have been volunteering and providing their podiatric services at the Mitch Albom sponsored SAY Detroit Family Health Clinic in Highland Park,, providing care to the homeless and uninsured. Dr Kaczander recently completed his fifth year as an applicant screener for the Admissions Committee for the Oakland University William Beaumont School of Medicine.  This past academic year, Dr Kaczander screened 135 applicants.

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Selecting The Right Socks And More

At Michigan Foot and Ankle Center we understand the needs of runners and their related injuries.  Many of us here actively run and have vast experience treating these ailments.  Our goal is to keep you moving. In fact, Dr. Ohlgart recently placed 3rd in the St. Mary Mercy Livonia annual 5K and plans to compete in a marathon this spring!  Our other doctors all have experience with athletes of every sport and are able to treat any foot and ankle condition or injury that you may have. When Selecting Socks Remember “Cotton is Rotten” Many dermatological skin conditions afflicting the lower extremity can be traced to excessive perspiration. Whether you’re a marathon runner or a weekend mall walker, the socks…

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Be aware of frostbite

Frostbite is a serious tissue destroying disorder.  It is also something that can be avoided.  The doctors and staff at the Michigan Foot and Ankle Center have some advice to share to avoid frostbite during this brutal winter.  Depending on the severity of the exposure, frostbite can affect the skin or underlying tissue, especially in your arms, legs and feet.  In most cases, the area becomes numb and feels frozen.  Skin will appear waxy, white or grayish.  Any exposure should be evaluated and treated by a physician. Avoiding frostbite is easier than treating it.  If you must go out in bitter cold, be prepared. – Dress in light, loose, layered clothing for ventilation and insulation.  Water repellant fabric is a…

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Once again, MFAC docs leading the way

February has been an exciting month at the Michigan Foot and Ankle Center.  Drs. Faley and Galea once again lectured to hundreds of podiatric physicians at the Great Lakes Conference in Dearborn, which is widely considered one of the premier podiatry conferences in the midwest.  Dr. Faley’s lectured was titled, “Staged Fusions: Complications of Foot and Ankle Infections.”  Dr. Galea was part of the Peripheral Arterial Disease (PAD) Symposium and his lecture was titled, “Angiosome Concept and Mapping.” Meanwhile, Dr. Kaczander, after 3 years as President-Elect, has assumed the position as President of the American College of Foot and Ankle Surgeons – Michigan Division.  The 3 year elected position involves educational sessions and policies for all of the board certified…

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Oh, my burning feet…

“The Burning Foot Syndrome”      Many patients present to the Michigan Foot and Ankle Center (MFAC) with a chief complaint of a burning sensation in one or both feet, usually worse at bedtime. These symptoms can be quite debilitating, often interrupting ones sleep, and creating significant pain. Your physicians at the MFAC can provide several treatment options for this, once an accurate diagnosis has been established, as several conditions can produce these symptoms.      The “Burning Foot” can have etiologies arising within the anatomy of the foot itself, or, it may represent a more widespread (“systemic”) complex. Your doctors may need to order specific tests to confirm their diagnosis.      Please contact the MFAC to make an appointment, if you…

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Summer dreaming…

While we freeze in the clutches of the polar vortex, let’s  reminisce to the good old days of summer with our own Dr. Faley, who contributed his expertise to Fox2 News on summer footwear. Dr. Joshua Faley on Fox 2 News Detroit Fox 2 News Headlines

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